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Aloha Workshops
Aloha Workshops

We plan all aspects of your trip. Because our pricing is all-inclusive we need to understand your needs and desires much more than a typical travel planner. We start with an in-depth interview and finish with an itinerary that is custom tailored to your needs.

Our interview process helps us understand all your preferences including:

  • Travel and flight preferences
  • Meals and dieting requirements
  • Accommodations and special room requirements
  • Skill set evaluation including:
    • Areas of specialty or interest
    • Current skill sets and proficiency assessment
    • Past training experiences and current needs
    • Specific skills and techniques that you wish to attain
    • Personal certification requirements
  • Adventure threshold analysis:
    • Relaxing vs. active participation
    • How much adventure is too much
    • Your health and fitness routines
    • Past adventures and future desire

Getting Started
Our aloha travel planning experience and local knowledge helps reduce your stress and insures you get the most out of your stay with us. Pick your travel dates from our calendar and we do the rest. Guest stays vary from two nights/three days up to one week. Many of our guests end up spending an additional week in the Islands. We can help answer questions about additional travel ideas.

Methods of Payment
We have several methods of payment. We offer several packages and will honor special requests and itinerary customizations based on our availability to provide our guests with the best service possible. We can accommodate some certifications in as little as 3 days.

Give us a call and ask about our Three Day Certification Specials.
More Information: 808.896.7656


Aloha Workshops
Aloha Workshops