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Aloha Workshops

For specific software manufacturer's certifications such as Macromedia (MMCP) and Adobe (ACE / ACI) we use the software manufacturer's authorized training curriculum, books and guides. We try to improve where we are allowed while keeping the integrity of the authorized curriculum.

We also teach using a lot of real world examples often leading classes field trips to digitally capture content for our class projects. We've found that shorter, more intense lessons are optimal in our learning environments. We use the authorized curriculums and examples based on years of feedback from students.

Our natural learning environments have helped increase retention rates and help our students achieve certification. Our own web design and development curriculums have also been changed significantly from the courses we've taught in-doors.

Our custom courses feature skill-building segments. These segments are very manageable chunks of information that build upon previous lessons. Repetition and review are two crucial factors in helping our students reach certification skill levels. No one gets left behind.

This means that we have tutors that will work with students during the night to insure they are ready for the certification exams. We contribute this to our students willingness to go the extra mile to succeed.

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Aloha Workshops
Aloha Workshops